Foot orthotics are more than just insoles — they are part of a strategic treatment plan. They are essential tools used to correct many biomechanical conditions, including improving foot biomechanics, balancing plantar pressure, redistributing body weight, redirecting pressure off painful lesions, and addressing rotational issues, flat feet and growing pains.

Facts About Orthotics:

  • Orthotics are integral for correcting both dysfunctions in lower extremities and poor foot biomechanics
  • Orthotics are made from negative casts to improve the biomechanics of feet
  • Prescription should only be made after accurate biomechanical assessment and gait analysis

Chiropodists have extensive knowledge of biomechanics and are the most qualified to prescribe and dispense orthotic devices. Through 3D laser scanning systems and plaster casts, we customize corrective orthotics and ankle-foot braces, which are also eligible for insurance coverage. Most insurance companies require biomechanical assessment, gait analysis and a prescription written by the chiropodist. Speak with a chiropodist for more information.