While everyone should employ proper foot care, it is far more important for diabetics. Diabetes affects the nervous and circulatory system, inhibiting the body’s immune system and slowing its natural healing process. This increases the risk of infection and the chance that minor injuries turn severe. Because of diabetics’ weak circulatory system, their feet are often the primary area affected by disease. Negligence towards injuries can lead to serious issues, including ulcers and, in extreme cases, amputation. Diabetics should examine feet daily, inspecting skin for breaks and rashes to prevent serious problems. In order to prevent any foot complications with diabetes, we at B-FOOT clinic do a full history examination (including neuralgical, dermatological, and vascular) of the patients foot. We place the patient into their proper risk group, according to their status (including neuralgical, dermatological, and vascular status) and according to that risk group we cater treatment and visits.

Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic ulcers result from excessive pressure or friction against skin. Infection is common and can pose threats to limbs and even the patient’s life if not treated properly and promptly. Our chiropodist at B-FOOT clinic received extensive training through the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course where he was educated on how to treat existing foot ulcers using the recent and most advanced technology. Our chiropodist Sulejman was one of the health care professionals who wrote the Canadian Guidelines of Diagnosis, Prevention and, Treatment of Foot Ulcers.