About our Clinic

Founded in 2006, B-Foot Clinic is a leading provider of foot care services in the Greater Toronto Area. Using the latest scientific technology, B-Foot Clinic provides the most accurate diagnosis and immediate treatment for a broad range of foot conditions, including high and fallen arches, bunions, and children’s conditions such as in-toeing and out-toeing.

B-Foot Clinic is the result of owner Sulejman Menzildzic’s determination to offer the pinnacle of foot care treatment in a friendly, caring and supportive environment. Menzildzic is a registered Chiropodist/foot specialist with over 20 years of experience researching and treating a multitude of foot conditions. Before moving to Canada in 1995, Menzildzic graduated from Medical School at the University of Sarajevo and practiced for several years as a licensed physician in Bosnia and Croatia. He eventually moved to Canada and worked on several research projects, including developing a program to analyze the foot motion of humans while walking. Menzildzic earned his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) from the University of Waterloo , where he’s worked as a foot care researcher since 1997. His master’s thesis studied the comprehensive changes that develop in the human walk when the nervous system begins weakening, as it happens in the ever-growing diabetic population. Since the weakened nervous system (neuropathy) leads to increased pressure underneath the foot, it consequently causes the development of diabetic foot sores (ulcers). Armed with this knowledge, Menzildzic offers expert analysis of foot motion during gait, and is able to prescribe and/or construct the most appropriate off-loading device, including custom-made orthotics (shoe inserts) and orthopaedic footwear to prevent and cure diabetic neuropathic foot ulcers. After recognizing the benefit of altering diabetics’ manner of walking, Menzildzic attended The Michener Institute in Toronto, where he became a licensed chiropodist/foot specialist with the highest marks of the class of 2006.

Along with constantly developing his clinic, Menzildzic also served as a member of the leading wound healing team at the Women’s College Hospital , an affiliate with the University of Toronto, for six years. During that time, he gained valuable experience, ensuring patients received the most up-to-date treatments.

Menzildzic also recognizes the need for constant educational improvement. In 2007, he completed an International Inter-professional Wound Care Course and became a faculty member of that same course at the U of T. Recognized as a leading chiropodist, Menzildzic was also invited to develop the Canadian Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers with other leading health-care practitioners. He is also involved in publishing several papers in Wound Care Canada, and was invited to speak at several conferences , including the annual conference of Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine and the annual conference of Canadian Association of Wound Care.

With the extensive knowledge and robust experience he’s accumulated over a more than 20-year career in the health care field, Menzildzic ensures that patients always receive the latest and most efficient approaches towards foot care. He is proud to brandish B-Foot Clinic’s slogan: “The clinic where the most recent research is already in practice.”

Menzildzic and his team members enjoy working with patients, and ensure everyone who walks through their door feels welcomed.