Frequently Asked Questions

Does OHIP Cover Chiropody visits?
Unfortunately OHIP does not cover your visit to the chiropody office. However, your Extended Health benefits may cover the majority/all of the visit. You can find details about coverage in your Health Benefit Booklet and our assistant will help to explain your coverage during your first visit to our clinic

Who is Chiropodist?
A chiropodist is a primary health care provider that specializes in assessment, treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders that affects feet. This profession is regulated by College of Chiropodist of Ontario and each member is subject to the terms and conditions and limitations on their certificate to perform the following:

  • cutting into subcutaneous tissue (below the skin surface) of the foot
  • administering by injection into feet substances (e.g. local anesthetics)
  • prescribing drugs (e.g. antibiotics, anti-inflammatory etc)
  • administering by inhalation a substance designated by regulations

Do I need Medical Referral to see the Chiropodist?
As a primary health care provider, a chiropodist is capable of independent clinical practice and medical referral is not necessary. However, communication with a family doctor is desired since he or she is a headquarter of patient general health.

What to bring to my 1st appointment with the chiropodist?
When visiting first time chiropody office, a patient should bring a list of their current medications, most frequently worn footwear and any devices that patient currently uses(inserts, orthotics braces). All of them will help the chiropodist to get a better picture of the patient condition through both a history and physical examination and consequently, will establish a better management plan.