Located minutes from Toronto, this Foot Specialist offers a wide array of services designed to protect, heal and treat the feet. Since its establishment in 2006, Toronto Foot Specialist has served Toronto and the surrounding area by providing clients with the care and expertise they need. From treatments for high arches and flat feet to toe, nail and skin conditions, to children’s foot care and orthotics, Sulejman Menzildzic registered chiropodist/foot specialist and his experienced and knowledgeable staff at Toronto Foot Specialist are dedicated to ensuring that their clients leave happy.

Recognized as one of Toronto’s and the Greater Toronto Area’s leading providers of foot care, Toronto Foot Specialist strives to outshine the rest of Toronto’s foot care industry with our elevated client experience, including a passion for what we do and a commitment to the client’s comfort.

Sulejman Menzildzic and the team thank their clients for their constant referrals and for naming Toronto Foot Specialist as a premier foot care clinic in the Greater Toronto Area!